speak up our talent

We can do anything with   our capability. All we have in our body can   use to make something commonly, it includes   physical  potent   and our  soul . We can make so many product  with two our hand,  many road can we investigated to meet something useful in our life. If we want to increase our financial we can sell our talent or we use our mind. Thinking some thing can useful for many human life it also a way to improve our talent.

We will not shy for our talent whose we have. Sure that it a blessing from our God and it is a special form  have given to us. It different one of other, when a weak have someone, it a plus form other. We can complement one and other. We can not life without other people. Specially, to full fill our weakness and also vice versa.

Make something useful in our life, used for our self and  for other people. Keep out our talent with do positive action. To be our self and be confidence. A proud can we get if we can speak out our talent in many form as material or immaterial. Nothing can block up to increase our talent. We can courage our talent and, neglect  anything which make you down can be decrease our talent.

So don’t afraid if you talent was insult by other. Sure that a greatest motivation out form other people in form  bad view or good  appreciation, and very important to keep our talent is big motivation from our self. Good expectation in our self  make we always spirit and never ending  fighting.

Good luck  to me and you all. Don’t afraid to your future. Experience is the best teacher…..

You and me can!!!


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