howdy….my freshness spirit!

🙂 🙂 🙂

First, I’m sorry my blog, have let U alone for a long time..but now,,I come back again  to make U heppier than before…

for this day, I can’t make long writen for U.. it about my self, for lesson and for better life..Insyaallah…

Still sure that what happen in our life is  usefull blessing for us ,in order get better condition in the future.

Some time, when the dark come in, all my wishes to be blend, make a very hight dream without supported with max my doing. But, in order condition, awarenes immediteally raises in my heart. Some positive sugestion make many colour again, give me some sun lighter than before.

“If we wish get 100, insyaallah,  sure 80 in our hand”…Wish ( a working hard and pray)

Not understands, I guess…..but I know it my self, different with other


I get again some positif sugestions,
still sure life can more be colour with always open my eyes,

Can smile with everyone and always to be stronger to get knowledge from round,

In order  in the next future can make other smile bigger because of my positive action..

🙂  but now, I know that I’ve bad structure in english to make this short writen 😦





















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